LEGENDS OF LIRIA is a fantasy adventure series set in a dramatic mountainous country where a two young performance artists use their physical skills and native wit to rescue their home from a ruthless invader.

Cloud Pearl is part one of the series and introduces Petra and Svila who are forced to flee the clutches of the fierce new Governor, Kurova Grax, and her family of misfit offspring. Browse the websit to find out more about Liria, the land and its myths. Read about characters – both good and evil – and discover how the stories explore the exciting world of aerial performance.

Who is it for?
This is a fantasy series, filled with myths and legends. While the characters themselves are mortal, ancient characters had the power of magic and created enchanted artefacts. The Liria concept is also about a power struggle, but the mood is generally upbeat, designed to suit a younger audience, while gently introducing the shadier side of the moral canvas.

There is also an element of ‘gaming’. While Prince of Persia is arguably for the young male player, the Legends of Liria places female characters (good and evil) centre stage, sometimes literally, in pivotal roles, while maintaining appealing feminine imagery and ‘mild peril’ as befits the age group. In the latest Prince of Persia movie, the prince uses ‘parkour’ or the physical art of freerunning to pursue his quest. In Liria, Svila is a skilled aerial artiste, using aerial skills such as silks, rope, aerial hoop, trapeze (static and moving) and cloud swing. Petra’s set of abilities are based on dexterity and suppleness (such as diabolo and fire poi). They are quite complementary. They also instruct each other, and overcome their personal demons.

Together, they can achieve the extraordinary.Other qualities that make it appealing to a younger age group: gymnastics, ballet, acrobatics, jewellery – especially charm bracelets which are so popular at present (Pandora bracelets), glamorous costumes, romantic castle/palace settings and a flavour of enchantment – although the main characters are all very much mortal. Just click on the images and see where your journey takes you …

By Pamela Kelt

PS The background image of the cover is original artwork by Lauren Deeth-Kelt